PVA FiverToughness

Features of KURALON™

Kuraray was the first to manufacture synthetic fibers made from Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA resin). KURALON™ displays high tenacity, low elongation, hydrophilic properties, weather resistance, and alkali resistance, and is used in a broad spectrum of industrial applications from 1950s. KURALON™ is used as a cement reinforcing agent in place of asbestos, in alkaline battery separators, as a reinforcing agent in rubber, and to make rope and fishing nets. This site focuses on KURALON™ short cut fiber for concrete & mortar.

Your Subjects must have a Chance to be Improved with the following Advantages of KURALON™.

Flexural Perforamance of Hardened Concrete & Mortar.

Toughness, Bending strength, Frost damage resistance Abrasion resistance, Impact or Explosion protection

Cracking Control

Flaking prevention
Avoid penetration of water and pollution

Reducing Rebar & Steel Mesh

Minimize the time of construction, Good appearance
Light weight, Electrically neutrality

Decreasing LIFE CYCLE COST etc.