Facade , Concrete Slab
Precast/On-Site use
Concrete Slab Airport Apron & Taxiway
Concrete Pavement Parking Lot
Flaking Prevention Slope Stabilization
Permanent Wall Retining Wall
Curtain Wall
Dry mix mortar(Pre-mix mortar)
High Performance Repair Mortar (Polymer Cement Mortar)
especially Shotcrete for Vertical and Overhead use
Cracking control

How much fiber should you use? The range of dosages is from 1.3 kg/m3 (0.1vol%) up to 26 kg/m3 (2.0vol%) depending on the application and the desired results. On the low end, 1.3 kg/m3 (0.1vol%) is intended for plastic shrinkage control, long-term drying shrinkage crack control, fatigue resistance and structural integrity. (0.975kg (0.075vol%) standard was developed by the Japan Railways to provide spalling protection on bridge deck slabs.) On the high end, very thin, extremely strong sections can be created to reduce weight in skyscraper curtain walls and floors, or UFC (UHPC). In between is a range of options for shotcrete, slabs, roadbeds, concrete repair and pre-cast elements.