Advantage of KURALON™ reinforced Concrete

Cracking Control

Case 1. Normal mortar

Ring test specimen (AASSHTO PP34-99)

Comperison of crack width between KURALON™ Meso fiber and Polypropylene Macro Fiber in 20℃, 60% R.H. condition (Normal mortar)

Case 2. Polymer-modified mortar

Comperison of crack width among KURALON™ Micro fiber and other fiber material in 20℃, 60% R.H. condition (Polymer-modified mortar)

In Kuraray's preliminry study, KURALON™ micro and meso fiber can reduce crack width by 15%~45% compare with other fiber material thanks to its good affinity to cement matrix (KURALON™ has the most effective fiber for dispersing one big crack to many small cracks.)